Below are resources that were either mentioned at the workshop, or that have been suggested in follow-up to the workshop. If you would like to suggest further resources to be added to this page, please email


Workshop abstracts and slides

Abstracts for all talks and accompanying slides (where these have been made available) can be downloaded via the programme page.


Choosing colors for data visualization

Color Brewer 2.0: ‘Color advice for cartography’

Color Oracle: ‘Color blindness simulator’ for Window, Mac and Linux


Reviews and guidance for data visualization

Cognitive and psychological science insights to improve climate change data visualization. Harold, J., Lorenzoni, I., Shipley, T. F. & Coventry, K. (2016) Nature Climate Change, 6, 1080-1089.

Environmental data visualisation for non-scientific contexts: Literature review and design framework. Grainger, S., Mao, F., & Buytaert, W. (2016)  Environmental Modelling & Software, 85, 299-318.


Research on visualization of uncertainty

Special issue on visually-supported spatial reasoning with uncertainty. Eds Smith Mason, J., Klippel, A., Bleisch, S., Slingsby, A. & Deitrick, S. (2016) Spatial Cognition & Computation, 16(2).

Domains of uncertainty visualization research: a visual summary approach. Smith Mason, J., Retchless, D. & Klippel A. (2016) Cartography and Geographic Information Science, advance online.

Visualizing uncertainty about the future. Spiegelhalter, D., Pearson, M. & Short, I. (2011) Science, 333, 1393-1400.


Climate visuals

Climate visuals – an evidence-based resource for visual climate change communication. Project led by Climate Outreach.

Climate visuals: A mixed methods investigation of public perceptions of climate images in three countries. Chapman, D. A., Corner, A., Webster, R. & Markowitz, E. M. (2016) Global Environmental Change, 41, 172-182.


Research on science communication

Knowledge, experience and the circus: academic perspectives on the processes of communicating the environmental and health impacts of electric vehicles. Esmene, S., Taylor, T., & Leyshon, M. (2016). Local Environment, advance online.

Communicating climate change: history, challenges, process and future directions. Moser, S. C. (2010) WIREs Climate Change, 31-53.


Communicating climate adaptation solutions

Outreach examples provided by the Wildlife Conservation Society (WCS) Climate Adaptation Fund:

Greater Yellowstone Coalition – Project overview and video on ‘Using climate change science to guide watershed restoration’

The Nature Conservancy, Minnesota – Project overview and video on ‘Preparing the Northwoods for an uncertain future’


Collecting psychology research data online

Amazon’s Mechanical Turk: A New Source of Inexpensive, Yet High-Quality, Data? Buhrmester, M., Kwang, T. & Gosling, S. D. (2011) Perspectives on Psychological Science, 6, 3-5.